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IMH final logo March 2022


My mission here is to promote Healthy Mental Hygiene As a way of life. Until recently my mental hygiene was not something that was on my radar let alone it being a way of life. I have now realized the importance of our mental hygiene. Our mental hygiene needs to be maintained every day just as we frequently maintain our personal hygiene. We’d never go a day without washing our hands, brushing our teeth, and showering. We all know that with poor personal hygiene comes increased chance of sickness through infection or disease. With the same token, we should recognize that poor mental hygiene increases the risk of mental disorders. And maintaining a healthy mental hygiene would prevent mental disorders.

Stay tuned to my website because I will share specific details from my spiritual toolbox so that we all maintain our Healthy Mental Hygiene As a way of life. I will help you develop your spiritual toolbox. I will also share contents from my personal memoir Immigrant Mental Health, One Woman’s Spiritual Journey Towards Healing. In my book I am very raw, personal and vulnerable in sharing my experience with mental health as an immigrant growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Writing my book has been a healing process for me. I invoked an Ethiopian proverb in Tigrinya that I grew up hearing my mom mention during my childhood. The proverb is HabaE kuslu HabaE fewsu. The English translation of this proverb is hiding your wounds means you're also hiding your cure. Uncovering your wound and being vulnerable brings ultimate healing. I spent much of life hiding and masking my wounds. Join me in invoking this proverb!

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